Volunteers & Artists


Jayshree Mallaya

Owner of Mystic Sisters Jayshree. Award winning business woman. Playing an active role in women empowerment and fighting against GBV.

”We believe in the positive power of people, in our abilities and unique skill set to reimagine our world. We have enough resources, people, compassion and imagination to recreate our world. “, says Jayshree.


Winn Coleman

USA based Music Producer.

Winn Coleman – USA and Jayshree Mallaya – South Africa, share a mission and unwavering faith that when we work together to change the mindsets of women, men and children in countries struggling with socio economic challenges, we will be able to reimagine our world.


Elizabeth Karen

I’m very passionate about seeing an African continent that recognizes and respects women’s rights and takes action against rape, gender based and domestic violence. I believe that it has to start where we are ( in South Africa) and spread to the rest of the world.

Alex Smith

Alex, the founder of Discover Phenomenal, developed a passion and talent for story telling after recognising how the act of sharing ones own unique stories and experiences has the power to create profound connections among individuals built on the feeling of safety, acceptance and understanding. Our mission is to empower people to tell their stories in their own words, with the faith, that articulating ones story is a gateway to self reflection, healing and acquiring some of the answers you have been seeking, as well as creating a ripple effect for the sacred act of sharing. “Don’t die with your melody still within you, set it free.”


Cassie Bamford, creative copywriter for Discover Phenomenal creates content emphasising the positive power of articulating our stories and experiences. From an early age Cassie realised the solace she felt when writing, and hopes to inspire others to express themselves in written or spoken form in order to heal and thrive through their stories and reduce the risk of isolation.

By having the courage to speak out and share we can honour our stories without shame, using them instead to educate ourselves and others and to create a scaffolding effect of compassion and acceptance.


Yashna Lutchman

An inspiring and talented female who uses her talented vocal skills to create music that speaks about real world issues. Her music is inspiring and hopeful for a better future.

If you are interested in the campaigns that we strive for why not become a volunteer? We require volunteers who are able to add value to our campaigns such as becoming a musical mentor, assisting with foundation development and funding, assisting in acquiring musical equipment for talented youth, providing services to the foundation that can assist in Over the Walls Together reaching our campaign goals.