Make Music Day Durban

21 June 2021

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting the internationally renowned Music Festival Make Music Day for the first time in Durban South Africa. Make Music Day is currently in its 39th year and is in 1000 cities in 125 countries around the world.
Music Can Change the World
Music is a unique element in our world everyone can relate too! We love our music and we know you love it too. Thank you for the 85 000 Youtube views for our gender based violence song Join Hands Around The World. Music connects hearts and minds irrespective of financial status, race, religion, language or culture. Music is a communication starter, known for breaking not only cultural and language barriers but relationship barriers too. Music heals people, families and communities. A part of our mission is to create powerful music videos that address social issues affecting impoverished communities around the world. We want to raise awareness around current issues and initiate conversations for change. Some of our recent music collaborations are Join Hands around the world, Believe in the power of the people, Blessors and Over the walls together.

"Our goal is to empower, educate and guide young people towards creative and artistic career opportunities. Many children have creative skills and when they are supported, it can help them to avoid being drawn into unhealthy situations that can have a negative impact in their lives. "

A Platform for Local Talent

We invite young artists to write lyrics and create music about aspects of life that affect them and our world so their voices can be heard. By helping youth recognise and develop their skill set that will prepare them for their future. We believe that youth have powerful messages and solutions to bring about peaceful changes. Over The Walls Together Foundation invites youth from all parts of our world to get involved. We want to work together to create a brighter future for youth from disadvantaged communities.

Our future plans include a virtual concert to raise funds for our gender-based violence, gender equality, youth development and HIV AIDS campaigns. We also are in the process of creating song writing lessons to teach children about gender equality at schools with aUK based company.

Tune in on the 21st of June 2021

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting the internationally renowned Music Festival Make Music Day for the first time in Durban South Africa. Make Music Day is currently in its 39th year and is in 1000 cities in 125 countries around the world.

This exciting event is for up and coming musicians and professional artists to get involved and promote local music while interacting with musicians from other countries. Artists have been badly affected by the current covid pandemic and this is an ideal opportunity to promote your unique music. Visit or whatsapp +27829545804

Live Performances for Make Music Day Durban

Local Talent in Durban

A competition was held in Durban for young musicians to showcase their talent. We had received submissions from youth around Durban and we were in awe of some of our finalists. We posed a prize of R1500 for the winner. It was an extremely tough decision and in the end we chose the person who we felt most deserved it.

Check out our social media to view the music videos:

Donate your music equipment

If you no longer want your music instrument, please donate to our organization and we will be giving it to someone who truly deserves it. Many young people in poor communities do not have money or access to equipment and one of our goals is to make it possible for your much loved music instruments or studio components to reach them. If you would like to donate your equipment, please reach out to us. Because we are a non profit we may not be able to cover postage we would appreciate it if you could assist us with this.

Submit your music performance

Kindly fill in the form below with the relevant information. Performances should not exceed 15minutes.

Terms & Conditions
Entries Make Music Day Durban is allowing talented musicians to enter our event by sending through video performances. These performances will be showcased on our social media pages, youtube and our web pages. Over the Walls Together and Make Music Day hold the rights to reject any video entries as well as the rights to host the videos on our platforms of choice. Who can enter Entrants must form part of the following group: -must be local from South Africa -entrant must be the owner of the band or the solo performance -the video must have been taken between the 10th of June 2021 and 18th of June 2021 -must have performed willingly without any forceful nature from outside influence -must be willing to tag Over the Walls Together, Make Music Day Durban & Make Music Day in their social media posts -must be willing to sign an agreement about their personal information for proof of identification -must be over the age of 18 The following will not be allowed: -musical performances submitted by members that do not belong in the band or solo performance -music and video content with vulgarity and/or racism -entries not from within South Africa -videos made before the date of 10th June 2021 Prizes A cash prize of R1500 is available for the best video performance received. The decision of who gets the prize is solely made by the founders and volunteers of Over the Walls Together. The directors of Over the Walls Together reserve the rights to change the cash prize amount at any given time. The cash prize will be given by the end of July 2021 via electronic bank transfer. Should a music band with multiple members receive the prize, the prize money mentioned above will go the band as a whole and not each member. Social Media Presence All entrants who have been shortlisted will have to post their musical performance on their social media accounts with tags and relevant hashtags to Over the Walls Together, Make Music Day Durban & Make Music Day. Entrants who are not willing to publish the posts with the relevant tags and hashtags will be disqualified from the end cash prize draw. How to Enter: Entries must be sent through by the 18th of June 2021. Entries should be sent through via the register page. A video of the performance as well as a short bio about the performance is to be submitted. A declaration of acceptance to the terms and conditions is required on entry submission. Performances that are shortlisted will be communicated via social media or direct correspondence by the 19th of June 2021. Entrants must post their performance on social media with the relevant supplied hashtags and tags to be entered into the cash draw.