Join Hands Campaign

People around the world are working together to overcome multiple social issues that many times affects the most vulnerable in our communities. With the coronavirus pandemic, the lockdown and various COVID restrictions millions of people have been impacted in every sphere of life.

Our Join Hands campaign encourages and invites men, women, girls and boys to get involved to eliminate gender based violence, all forms of abuse against women and girls as well as breaking the cycle of gender inequality from a young age.

Highlighted Campaigns

Gender Based Violence

Our campaign aims to Spread the message, Raise awareness and stop any form of violence and abuse against women and girls around the world.

Gender Equaility

Ensuring females receive fair and non-discriminating treatment in society and places of work.

Female Empowerment

Motivating female youth  to pursue their dreams and encouraging them to become independant.

How to Join Hands with Us

We want to hear your voice and your story. Join hands with us and together we can make a difference. We invite you to join our platform and get involved. There are so many ways to get involved.

  1. You can share your stories or creative videos with us
  2. You can list your NPO or organization that assists woman and girls n crisis in our global directory
  3. You can collaborate with us and download our business kit
  4. You can sponsor music & video equipment to assist young disadvantaged artists
  5. You can download our awareness songs
  6. You can purchase our Join Hands merchandise
  7. Download our join hands song and all proceeds donated to the Join Hands Around the world Help fund
  8. Sign our petition to include general equality education between young boys and girls in our education system from early learning up to matric grade
  9. There are so many inspiring women in our communities that wake up every day and make a difference in someone’s life. We want to hear about your experience. We want to open communication. We want to find solutions. Together we can rebuild our world

Women’s issues doesn’t take a vacation, it happens everyday of the year. Our #365dayendviolencecampaign deals with these issues that women struggle with every day.

Join Hands music video To be launched all profits going towards the join hands help fund.

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Join Hands Around the World - Single by Yashna International & Neo Ndawo

Proceeds go directly to the organisation and its community development campaigns.