Our cofounder Jayshree Mallaya who was born in KwaZulu Natal the province worst affected is on a mission to educate and empower our youth especially our young girls to understand the risks and challenges young people face not only in Africa but especially in KwaZulu Natal. To get youth involved in self care and HIV AIDS prevention we are working with young artists from our communities. With the recent coronavirus pandemic, quarantines and lockdown its increased the financial and socioeconomic problems the country faces placing more pressure on our youth to see this as a lucrative option.

Insight into Generation Equality

Gender inequality grooming has been causing damage to women and girls with increased gender based violence, inequality at workplace, lack of opportunities based on gender etc. Schools need to play a larger role in gender equality. Children start learning about gender inequality at a very young age. At this level of growth, gender inequality stereotypes begin to develop creating long term problems and unhealthy mindsets that often lead to gender inequality and various forms of gender based violence. Our program aims to help young children learn that both genders have similar opportunities available to uplift them to achieve future success and manifest their goals. We need to help young children understand that the way they dress, the professions they choose, the type of personality traits should be based on their gender but on their abilities and passion.

Changing the mindset...

Starting at the home and school level educators, parents, family members and caregivers need to understand that language and words have a powerful impact on a growing children. There should not be a specific way to speak to boys and a different way to speak to girls.

Our program aims to break through these stereotypes and help children and the people they come into regular contact with to change the narrative. The use of positive gender equal communication is an important key towards stimulating young minds to develop a gender equal mindset.

Working together to promote generation equality.
OTWT and Discover Phenomenal a UK based company are working together on a program to promote educational methods based on the equality between boys and girls. This includes the creation of a gender equality learning toolkit that will encourage and inspire boys and girls to feel confident, safe and open to embrace each others individuality irrespective of gender. Gender stereotypes and the role of genders has contributed to inequality in the workplace and plays a large role in gender based violence. we believe that guiding young minds towards a generation equality future will be a giant step towards eliminating gender based violence and all forms of gender equality in the future.
We have identified pilot schools that will work with us to implement a gender equality learning structure for girls and boys 6 to 9 years and 10 to 12 years. Our gender equality toolkits will make learning about gender equality natural and easy to understand. the focus is on interaction and communication between the educators, and the learners. The projects are designed to be ongoing throughout the school year and will include goals and tasks that will encourage critical thinking, oral debates and group activities. It will also include education about basic human rights that promote equality of genders. We also hope that schools can partner with businesses and organizations to assist with the learning about generation equality work opportunities by highlighting how that organization or business is actively involved with gender equality at the workplace.

Wear Your Crown – Global Campaign

– by Jayshree Mallaya Ramona Pintea Artist is a phenomenal woman on a global mission to empower women all around the world with her #wearyourcrown campaign ❤️ Today I’m excited to be announced as her first Urban Queen and Join

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The Process

Our 6 to 9 year learners will be presented with a gender equality toolkit. Their task will be to choose an activity related to a career that they feel drawn to. They will then be asked to create a story based on the career choice they made and whether its a career for both genders or for a specific gender. The learners, with the help of the teacher, will think about their own understanding and with specific questions asked by the teachers will be able to learn about equality between genders as well as learning about the ability of individuals to accomplish a task over the acceptance that certain tasks can only be accomplished by a specific gender. . They will then use their artistic expression to create a story, rhyme or artwork based on what they learned. Any activity that promotes critical thinking and relearning of gender equality will inspire the learners to not accept outdated stereotypes.

The second toolkit for the 10 to 12 year olds is a story telling toolkit where they create a story with the learner as the central character. the focus is on allowing the learners creative expression to imagine a world where they are capable of following their dream or goals and breaking through gender stereotypes.

We have also designed individual and group activities that will encourage creative expression, critical thinking and positive interaction between genders. Both groups will be handed activities throughout the year that will include tasks and goals with timelines. It will also include photos, artwork, short stories and other collaborative work which the school will be able to create as Generation Equality Collage which teachers from different classes or schools can challenge each other to create for a Generation Equality School Event.

Generation Equality Virtual Storytelling Online Event

We are also working on a Generation Equality Storybook which will include lessons that will educate, inspire and encourage the girls and boys to re imagine a world where they can coexist reaching their full potential. Gender inequality does not only affect women and girls, it also has negative impact on men and boys. By promoting a generation equality world genders will no longer struggle with limitations and barriers imposed on them by individuals, organizations and society.