Gender Equality

It starts with YOU! “Raise Above The Hurt & Pain” “Overcome the Fear” “ Don’t lose faith in yourself” are effective tools and constant reminders that you are enough. In a society where gender inequality exists, we need to encourage both genders to take action. You are empowered & you have what it takes to make a difference in your life & in the lives of people around you.

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Reimagining Humanity Positive Affirmation Workshop
(Gender Based Equality)

Our Join Hands Music Video, Photo Shoot & Positive Affirmation Workshop was a huge success. We invited women, men & children from our communities to get involved in our #endviolenceagainstwomenandgirls music video. We started off with a positive affirmation workshop and a discussion on how affirmations can help us to overcome gender based inequality.

Cofounder Of Over The Walls Together Foundation Jayshree Mallaya hosted the event. “ We believe that there’s immense amount of healing in words whether, it’s written, spoken, read, visualized or just felt. It’s an integral part of our healing process.“It also brought together all genders and generations on to the same platform to find solutions and hold on to affirmations that can initiate change.“

“It was a positive experience to see to see all the attendees work together, interact and write down affirmations In English & in iZulu. It’s not impossible for men and women to work towards a a gender equality future.

Positive affirmations can provide the basic tools that we need to include in our daily habits that will help humanity transition from gender inequality to gender equality. It’s also valuable in teaching young children to accept and respect each other irrespective of the gender.

The white screen represents a new foundation for women, men and children to “rewrite history” and Join Hands in saying No to gender inequality and Yes to Gender Equality.

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Youth Empowerment - Your Vision Your Goals

In 2017 Over The Walls Together Foundation went on a road trip visiting schools and meeting learners in Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa with our Turning Dreams into goals campaign.
Our goal is to help learners understand the importance of turning their dreams into goals and creating a vision and a action plan for the future based on their dreams. Our goal was to encourage young minds to dream big, create a vision and feel inspired to reach their goals.
We started with a game of getting to know each learner by inviting them talk about what they enjoy about their school life, friends life and family.  spoke about future career goals and what they thought there strengths and weaknesses are.

Each learner was handed personal development dream form to fill in their goals for school, home and the goals for the world.  Our focus is helping young people realize that they have unlimited potential to achieve their dreams, help heal and change our world. To help develop healthy and safe youth and adult partnerships in our communities where each generation can learn from each other. We want to initiate and stimulate conversations with young children with where they see themselves in the future and how do they get to that vision. Our school visits included some fun educational games and singing with South African singer Eric Damont. Eric got the learners involved in singing and dancing. It was an exciting experience enjoyed by all.  Helping youth understand the value of goal setting, creating an action plan and working towards their goals. Focused on youth overcoming the problems they face as well as teaching them new skills.