About Us

Over the Walls Together started in 2017 by its founding members Jayshree Mallaya of Mystic Sisters Durban, South Africa & Winn Coleman of WinncoleMusic Hawaii USA. These are two dynamic and creative individuals who have many things in common, rainbows, music and a passion to help make the world a better place. An interesting fact:

South Africa was coined the Rainbow Nation by Mandela and Hawaii is well known as being the Rainbow State.


Our Vision is to leave a lasting impact year by year in areas such as gender based violence and community upliftment. We hope to grow our movement within Africa as well as through out the world. This can be made possible through means of engagement and joining hands with other inspiring individuals globally.

We believe in a future whereby children are equipped with enough education and positivity to thrive in society and make informed choices.


We strive daily to bring a difference in our surrounding communities. Over the Walls together hosts events throughout the year to educate and uplift the community. Having invested in talented youth to grow their music skill and dreams – this forms the backbone of our entertainment for our community events. Music developed under the banner of Over the Wall Together is place on digital platforms to create revenue which goes towards the foundation.

Climbing "Over the Walls Together"

There is strength in unity when trying to overcome hurdles.

The name “Over the Walls Together” signifies each humans personal walls that act as barriers in their lives. For many women there exists the barrier of abuse brought upon by the males in their lives. Teenagers from under privileged societies experience the barriers of finance, peer pressure, bullying – this plays a part in their dreams being crushed.

Our Founders


Jayshree Mallaya
Mystic Sisters Jayshree


Win Coleman

Over the Walls Together is a way of life and a belief system of 2 people living in different continents. Winn Coleman – USA and Jayshree Mallaya – South Africa, share a mission and unwavering faith that when we work together to change the mindsets of women, men and children in countries struggling with socio economic challenges, we will be able to reimagine our world. 

They share a vision of building a global community of women and men “Joining Hands” and working together to overcome the walls (challenges) we face in our everyday life. Jayshree says,”We believe in the positive power of people, in our abilities and unique skill set to reimagine our world. We have enough resources, people, compassion and imagination to recreate our world. “

We believe women will play a pivotal role in transforming the economy and society at large.  Women and girls need to supported, uplifted to become the dynamic changemakers that they are. We want to drive positive change in all spheres of life through performance arts such as music, songs, dance, art, storytelling, poetry and other resources. We believe that people are creatives and with the right inspiration can co-create a gender equal world where hunger, poverty and wars no longer exist.