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Solutions for Climate Change

Combat Climate Change and reduce South Africa’s contribution to environmental issues. #TogetherWeCan.

Over the Walls Together is now proudly part of MAKE MUSIC DAY DURBAN.

A World Re-Imagined

The super heroes of planet earth exist in our youth. Growing conscious young minds to spread positivity. At Over the Walls Together, we wish to change the world, bringing light, love and peace within communities. Our aim is to educate, lift up, and inspire members of a community in areas such as female empowerment, gender based violence, poverty, abuse & addiction. We invest in the youth of today to grow their talents whilst keeping them away from negative influences.

Featured Campaigns


Music & Skills

Giving the youth a platform to voice their valuable opinions and ideas. Growing young talent through music & video productions.


Womens Rights

Gender based violence is hot on our list of change movement. We provide social support to women who have been in negative spaces, to help change their lives.


Climate Change

Families around the world need help in raising a new generation of positive young minds. We educate, empower and uplift through music, online information and motivate positive change.

How to Contribute


Promote the Message

A simple follow, like and share will help our movement. Each time you share our message and values you help educate others. Being conscious of whats happening around us helps us protect our women and children from abuse and despair.


Join Hands With Us

Join Hands with Over the Walls Together to campaign for 365 days of in the protection of women against abuse. Reach out to us to support our youth in their achieving their dreams and growing their talents.


Donate Music Equipment

If you no longer want your music instrument, please donate to our organization and we will be giving it to someone who truly deserves it. If you would like to donate your equipment, please reach out to us.

Never Alone. Always Together

Every human being deserves the right to be loved and appreciated. It is also true that every human being has a struggle of their own. We are all together in this one life that we have and we should work together to bring positive change for others as well as ourselves.

Volunteers & Artists


Jayshree Mallaya








Yashna Lutchman